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Mark your calendars for the 1st International Conference on Smart Systems, Renewable Energy, Traditional Foods, and Environment Protection

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The International Conference on Smart Systems, Renewable Energy, Traditional Foods, and Environmental (ICSREFE) aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and foster collaboration among researchers. Research in smart systems and renewable energy, such as farming and sustainable agriculture using environmentally friendly and energy efficient sensor technology, is also a topic of interest in this area.

Other related topics include IoT-based smart office systems, smart grids, autonomous vehicles, smart healthcare, energy management systems and smart manufacturing. The conference will also cover renewable energy systems, energy storage, distributed generation, power electronics for green energy applications, intelligent control systems, energy efficient drives and pollution control.

On the other hand, this conference is an opportunity to meet researchers in traditional foods, microbial modelling, innovative bio-preservation strategies for food assessment. It also explores the environmental impact of industry and agriculture, particularly in relation to methodologies and findings associated with assessing the impact of renewable energy systems on ecosystems, biodiversity and climate change.

The overall aim of the conference is to promote research and innovation in these areas for the benefit of society and the environment. It will also bring together researchers and professionals from the energy, manufacturing, agri-food and environmental sectors to share their ideas and knowledge.

This highly anticipated event will take place from 29 to 31 May 2024 at the Agadir Higher School of Technology and the Agadir City of Innovation. Engaging sessions, insightful presentations and networking opportunities await, promising an enriching interdisciplinary experience for all participants.

Main Themes and Topics

Topics: Smart Factories, Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet Of Things, Robotics & Process Automation; Energy Monitoring, Optimization, Smart Grid; IA , Machine Learning, Deep Learning; Safety Embedded Systems; Smart Agriculture, Smart House, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities, Building Management System , Building Automation System , Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Topics: Integration of renewable energy sources into smart grid; Intelligent control and monitoring of renewable energy systems; Optimization of renewable energy systems using AI for Smart Cities; Power electronic systems for renewable energy; All topics related to Solar Energy and Hybrid Systems.

Topics: Innovative Approaches to Fermentation and Biopreservation in Traditional Foods; Exploring the Genetics, Metabolism, and Applications of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Food; Enhancing the Value of Agro-Pastoral Food Products through Valorization Strategies; Understanding Pathogens and Biofilm Formation in Food-Related Environments; Microbial Modeling in Foods: Bridging Theory and Application.

Topics: Soil, wastes and Water Treatments; Biomass and Energy developments; Climate changes facing agriculture and the advances in climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience; Environmental management and sustainable development; Smart Technologies in Environment.

Submission guidelines

The authors are invited to fill in the registration form and submit the abstract using the template

The Abstract and Registration form must be submitted no later than February 15, 2024

The file title of your abstract should be noted as follow: « Name-Abstract-Topic »

The communication can be presented in English or French, however, the Power Point slides should be in English

The Posters have also to be written in English

For any inquiries, please contact us at icsrefe24@lasime.ma / icsrefe24@gmail.com


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